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Rescuezilla is a backup/recovery solution. It's a Clonezilla GUI that's fast, feature-packed and very easy-to-use, even for everyday computer users.

No Installation Needed

You don't have to install Rescuezilla. And you don't even need to have an operating system installed to recover. Just insert the USB stick into your PC and reboot.

It's Easy-To-Use

Rescuezilla provides a point-and-click interface with network access and a complete operating system (based on the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution). Open other applications while your system backup is being transferred.

Fully interoperable with Clonezilla

Rescuezilla is the Clonezilla GUI (graphical user interface) that you've always wanted. It is carefully developed to be fully interoperable with the industry-standard Clonezilla, trusted by tens of millions of individuals and businesses for almost 20 years. Backup images made using Clonezilla can be restored with Rescuezilla, and vice versa!

Works with virtual machine images

Rescuezilla works with images created by virtual machines: VirtualBox (VDI), VMWare (VMDK), Hyper-V (VHDx), Qemu (QCOW2), raw (.dd, .img), in addition to all known open-source imaging frontends (including Clonezilla). For more information checkout the 'compatibility' section of Rescuezilla GitHub release page.

Extract files from your backup images (beta)

Rescuezilla makes it easy to access your files that are saved within all supported backup image formats, including virtual machine images. You won't need to struggle with the command-line!

It's great for large uncompressed images (including virtual machine images), but will be too slow for larger images using gzip or zstandard compression until Rescuezilla implements indexed access using ratarmount (task #153).

Boots in Seconds

The system boots in about 30 seconds from USB, and all your hardware gets detected automatically. It uses minimal space and resources, and you can copy it freely. No licenses or serial numbers!

Works with Windows, Mac or Linux

Some backup solutions only work with Windows, some only work with Mac, and some only work with Linux. But with Rescuezilla, any computer user can save and restore all machines with the same tool.

Access Your Files

Can't boot or log in, but need files from your PC? No problem: just pop the Rescuezilla USB in, reboot, and you can copy your documents to another drive, a network-shared folder, or a USB stick.

Recover Lost Data

If you accidentally delete a file or empty your Recycle Bin, simply shut down the computer, insert the Rescuezilla USB, and open the file recovery tool, which will undelete your files and save them to another drive.

Easy Internet Access

Is your computer broken, but you need Internet access to download drivers or read documentation? In about one minute, you can insert the Rescuezilla USB, reboot, and be browsing the Internet.

Drive Configuration Tools

Graphically edit, manage, and resize partitions to take full advantage of your drive's capacity. Access powerful drive management and partition editing tools from the Rescuezilla start menu.

Available in many languages

Rescuezilla has been translated into several languages. If your language is not yet listed, you can submit a translation by following the instructions at Translations HOWTO.


Complete Suite of Tools Included

In addition to the Rescuezilla imaging utility, the live USB provides many essential graphical tools and command-line utilities that system administrators will find invaluable. Everyone from novices to advanced power users are finding that Rescuezilla makes life easier.

Get It Now!

Visit the download page to get the latest version.

Like Rescuezilla?

Consider giving the project a like on AlternativeTo so that more people can discover it! :-)