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Easy Backup, Recovery & Bare Metal Restore

Rescuezilla is so simple that anyone can use it. It is an actively developed version of an old application named Redo Backup and Recovery and it's the easiest, most complete disaster recovery solution available. It allows “bare-metal restore”. Bare-metal restore is not only the best solution for hardware failure, it is also the ultimate antivirus: Even if your hard drive melts or gets completely erased by a virus, you can have a completely-functional system back up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

All your documents and settings will be restored to the exact same state they were in when the last snapshot was taken. Rescuezilla is a live USB, so it does not matter if you use Windows, Mac or Linux. You can use the same tool to backup and restore every machine. And because Rescuezilla is open source released under the GPL, it is freely available for personal and commercial use. All users should consider contributing $1/month on the crowdfunding website Patreon so that Rescuezilla can continue to be developed.


More Features, Less Complex

Rescuezilla has the most features coupled with the simplest, most user-friendly interface:

  • Easy graphical user interface boots from USB in seconds
  • No installation needed; runs from a USB stick or a CD-ROM
  • Saves and restores Windows, Mac and Linux machines
  • Access your files even if you can't log in
  • Recover deleted pictures, documents, and other files
  • Internet access with a full-featured browser to download drivers
  • Live disk download size is about 670MB
  • A total of over 2,000,000 downloads between Rescuezilla and its original base

Why Not Use...?

Rescuezilla is easy-to-use and open-source. The commercial alternatives cost a lot of money, come with restrive licenses, only save data files (rather than the whole system) and are designed to run on a specific platform. While there are some open source alternatives, these are far too complex for regular users, and most require knowledge of a command line, or ask too many difficult questions.

Everyday computer users, more than any other group, need an intuitive point-and-click solution that can recover them from a disaster, and Rescuezilla was designed for this very purpose. It is the easiest to use backup and recovery solution ever made.

How Does it Work?

Most backup and restore programs require your system to be up and running in order to restore. But what if you cannot boot into Windows? What if you have a nasty virus, and you can't even open Windows to try to restore it back to how it was?

Rescuezilla doesn't need Windows. Download and write the ISO to a USB stick, and reboot your machine. The system will load a complete mini operating system with a point-and-click user interface into your computer's memory, without writing any information to your hard drive. Then you will be able to perform backup, restore and recovery actions—guaranteed—even if you aren't able to boot into your regular operating system.

See the feature list or download the latest version.

Rescuezilla needs your support.

Contribute $1/month on the crowdfunding website Patreon so Rescuezilla can continue to be developed