Rescuezilla v2.4.1 Coming Soon

Rescuezilla v2.4 introduced a number of bugs, sorry. I ran out of time this weekend to fix everything. Now aiming for an updated release next weekend.

Get Rescuezilla

Follow the steps below to create a Rescuezilla USB stick that you can boot your computer from.

Getting Started

1. Download the latest live image

Download the latest stable 64-bit version of Rescuezilla: rescuezilla-2.4-64bit.jammy.iso (recommended).

Sorry, looks like on Rescuezilla v2.4 I may have completely screwed up the video drivers across most graphics hardware after I updated the base operating system. You will likely need to select "Graphical Fallback Mode" from the boot menu until I fix this.

Please confirm with the bug advisory table on the GitHub releases page.

Checkout the Rescuezilla GitHub release page for information about what's new, backwards compatibility, and any bug advisories.

2. Write the image to a USB

You'll need to write the image to a USB drive using a program such as balenaEtcher which works on Windows, Mac and Linux. This step will completely erase any data on your USB stick.

3. Reboot your computer

Rescuezilla does not run from inside Windows or any other operating system because it is one! You must restart your computer with the USB inserted in order to use Rescuezilla. To boot from the USB, you may need to repeatedly press a key such as F8 or F12 while your computer is starting up.

4. Enjoy!

After using Rescuezilla for a while, please consider giving the project a like on AlternativeTo so that more people can discover it! :-)

After the USB boots, you will have a mini operating system loaded into memory which will launch Rescuezilla. It will not install anything to your hard drive, and you decide which hard drive to save backup images.

System Requirements

  • PC (Intel/AMD compatible)
  • 1GB RAM (2GB recommended)
  • USB stick (faster the better, this stick will be completely erased to hold Rescuezilla itself)
  • External USB hard drive (with enough free space to hold your backup images)